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Roots Lacrosse clinics are designed for players looking to learn and improve on the fundamental aspects of lacrosse. Each week we'll tackle a specific set of skills and have those be the focus of the night. As we progress we'll continue to emphasize what we've gone over in previous weeks. 


Learning the proper techniques is important for new players as they build a foundation of skills. Our sessions will have multiple coaches each week to ensure all players are receiving the proper amount of attention and instruction. While our primary focus is proper development, we also understand players are there to have fun and the practices are designed to keep players engaged and excited as they continue to learn. 


Age Group:

Designed for beginner players in grades K-4. If you have a player outside of that range and would like to have them participate please contact us at rootslacrosse@yahoo.com


Typical Session Breakdown:

4:00-4:10 PM - Warm up:

Running Basics, Stretching, Agility Work


4:10-4:20 PM - Fundamental Boost

Focus on fundamental techniques and skill development


4:20-4:30 PM - Executing on the Run

During this portion players begin putting the skills into motion and execute them on the run


4:30-5:40 PM - "Game Time"

Everything comes together as players are given more freedom to work on the skills they've learned while receiving feedback from coaches.