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Roots Lacrosse leagues are designed for players to continue to play during the fall and winter months. Teams will be set after the first week and a full schedule will be put out for the remainder of the session. We've changed the format this session and will have a freshman / sophmore group and a junior / senior group. The groups will be a general guideline and teams will be determined by the coaching staff. If anyone needs to be on the same team as another player for carpool reasons you can select it during the registration process.


All games will have coaches present on the sideline to provide skill instruction and substitute players. All games will be officiated by a certified official or Roots Lacrosse coach. Games are meant to be competive and fun as players prepare for the spring season with their spring seasons. 


Age Group:

Designed for beginner players in grades 9-12. If you have a player outside of that range and would like to have them participate please contact us at rootslacrosse@yahoo.com



7 vs. 7 (6 field players and one goalie)

50 minute running time game