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My father was the coach of my high school lacrosse team and friendly with the cross country coach who was also our neighbor. They pressured me enough to get me to join the team. I did not like running and looked for any way way out. At a basketball camp that fall I broke my thumb. I told my coach the doctor said not to run with the small hard cast they had put on. At the very next meet I had to stand next to him as a half dozen runners with casts ran by. I was 14 and hated running.


Less than 2 years ago I rediscovered running and became addicted. I run every day and some weeks push out 100 miles. Running has helped me become disciplined, less anxious, and completely wiped out my anxiety. Friends and family have added walking/running to their lives and found benefits too.


I have run in small races and half marathons with friends and family and marathon and ultra events solo. Pushing my body to the limit is something I enjoy but its not for everyone. Movement is important and has many benefits. Whether its a hard hike or long run or hill workout the important thing is to stay consistent and keep going especially at the beginning.


“We don’t get old because we stop running. We stop running because we stop running.”


Roots running is to help give players better endurance and more confidence walking, running, working out, and during their every day lives. Running gave me a strong foundation with skills and discipline I’ve used in other areas.


Sean Murray - Roots Founder and Director